Up until a couple of months ago I had not heard about Ahrefs, and boy was I pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon this little gem.  Ahrefs is kind of the silent tool that doesn’t get a lot of publicity but it packs a mean punch.   They have quite a few nifty features available, some of which I have not seen done anywhere else which is quite a feat on its own.

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Here is a snapshot of what their search box looks like.  This is a clean and elegant design, and makes it straightforward to use and navigate.  One interesting thing that they offer right form the search box is the ability to do wildcard matching.    You can search for backlinks to a specific URL, to a full domain, or to all URLs behind a given domain and its  subdomains as well.  This is a unique and very handy feature.

Once you have performed a search for the domain you are interested, the user is presented with a very nice backlink graph and a bevvy of useful options.  The ones that stand out amongst all the other useful features include the following:

  1. Total Backlinks
  2. Total Linking IPs
  3. Total Gov, Edu
  4. Backlink Type Breakdown (Image, Follow, Text, …)
  5. External, New, and Lost Backlink Trending
  6. SERP Positions, CPC, and Keyword Volume (Awesome Feature!!!)
  7. Breakdown of Backlinks By Country

Without registering they will allow you to see 5 backlinks for free.  Once you register, with a Free account you are allowed a generous 100 queries per day, 500 results per report, and 3 reports.   If you like the service and want to get a bit more flexibility then they have several pricing plans ranging from $49/month to $449/month.  This is considerably more expensive than the SEOMoz Open Site Explorer tool, although you’ll have to see if you like the features more on one class of service than the other.  As a bonus you get the ability to export the backlinks in raw CSV format which comes in very handy.

Like a few of the other high end backlink services, Ahrefs claims to use their own crawlers and they index billions of pages per day.  They do not post public stats on the total number of pages crawled or indexed, so it is best to compare them with tools such as SEOMOZ’s Open Site Explorer to see which one yields better results for you.  I really like the free feature, and the differentiated classes available so you can pay a smaller amount per month if you don’t need to issue as many queries.


>>> Visit Ahrefs <<<

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