If there ever was a tool to take the place of other webmaster tools such as Bing/Yahoo or Google Webmaster Tools, Blekko might be the one to do it.  Think of Blekko’s Site Explorer tool as a combination of Webmaster Tools + Site Explorer rolled into one!  Blekko is a relatively new search engine company that launched in 2010, and is completely free.  They are Alexa ranked 3,000 so they are not too shabby in terms of general usage even as a search engine alone.  They have been gaining in popularity lately, and I really enjoyed playing around with the Free SEO Tools!

In order to do a search on Blekko you need to enter the domain you are interested in followed by a /seo keyword like so:

If you have not yet registered and signed in, do so now.  You will not be disappointed!  It is free to do so, and it took me literally 10 seconds.  They don’t even seem to confirm your email account, and no captchas to fill in, so just enter and go.

They give you some interesting features that you would normally expect to find in a private account on webmaster tools, but their philosophy is to put everything out in the open for all to see.  This means you can see the data that you might normally expect only the webmaster to be able to see.

There is a bit of eye candy at the top, but I’m not sure how much help it really is, and truthfully I hate pie graphs, but that aside there are some other features if you dig into the interface a little further.

Some neat features that Blekko provides include the following:

  1. Duplicate Content Report (List domains with duplicate content!)
  2. Crawl Stats
  3. Inbound Links (Similar to Yahoo Site Explorer)
  4. Domain Comparison Tool

Unlike Yahoo Site Explorer they do provide Anchor Text which was always a badly needed feature.  As they are small, I’m not sure how many pages they index or how large their database is, but I get the sense that it is not nearly as complete as some of the paid for options out there including SEOMOZ Open Site Explorer and Ahrefs Site Explorer.

Here are some of the shortcuts to use in their search boxes:

  • /inbound – list inbound links with anchor text and link attributes
  • /domainlinks – list inbound domain links with host rank and graphs
  • /domainreport  - show graphs and crawl stats for a given domain
  • /domainduptext – list domains with duplicate content
  • /outbound – list outbound links
  • /internal – list internal links

That being said, we think you should definitely consider trying out this tool and adding it to your toolkit.  It is particularly helpful in a pinch, and best of all it is free to use.    It is neat to be able to finally see underneath the hood some of the stats that you would normally expect to find hidden in a major search engine.  Let’s hope they keep growing and expanding on this!

>>> Visit Blekko <<<

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