Link Diagnosis is an interesting tool compared to Site Explorer because it is actually quite similar in function and features.  In fact, in terms of look and feel it is one of the ones that feels the most similar to the original Yahoo Site Explorer.

On the main interface they start you off with three major tabs:

  • Link Diagnosis
  • Google Ranking Report (Not Yet Available)
  • Page Age (Requires Firefox Plugin)

Link Diagnosis is 100% Free, and there is no limit on the number of backlinks they will show.  They allow you to choose which engine source you would like to use which includes a couple varieties of seomoz, or the Yahoo API.   Their backlink summary is quite nice and will include most of the core items such as Linking Url, Anchor Text, and Rank.  In addition, you’ll get the most bang for your buck if you install their Firefox toolbar which will also perform a few additional checks including: Link Type, Page Rank, and Outbound Links.

Another nice feature is that you can export the results it finds to a CSV file if you want to process the data in another tool, or in your own time.

When digging a little deeper in using the Y! API, it seems that the number of backlinks shown is rather small or that they may even phase this out, so I’m guessing that this API has limited usability.  It may be best to stick to the seomoz engine when doing backlink searches using Link Diagnosis.    Just remember that you will need to install the Firefox plugin if you intend to get full results.

In effect, I think you should see the same results as you’d see with SEOMOZ Open Site Explorer, so if you like this tool you should definitely jump over there and check that one out.


>>> Visit Link Diagnosis <<<

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