There is an interesting service that has been gaining in popularity that is owned by Cemper known as Link Research Tools.  It is a rather generic name, but the company was touting their QBL (Quick Back Links) as the best alternative to Yahoo Site Explorer in 2011.

One interesting thing that they do which no one else has done is claim the spot as a link engine aggregator.  Basically they are able to combine data from various sources and present it in one interface.   Supposedly they aggregate over 53 sources and 22 distinct link databases.  If any of that is indeed true, this is a rather impressive feat.

Perhaps my biggest gripe about their tool, is that even if it is the best one on the market, there is no way to confirm this with a demo account or a limited trial.  You can’t do ANY free searches, so there is no real sense of a try before you buy option available.  I am hoping that at some point they will consider allowing a limited account which I think could help users see what they might be missing and to get a taste of what the features are first hand.

However, there are two ways to get a Free Account on their Quick Backlinks tool!  If you visit this URL, then you’ll be able to pay for a free account by tweeting about their service.  This will give you a ‘Quick’ account, although I’m not sure what features that has available compared to the lowest class of service in the paid offerings.   The other option is to use this coupon code when you register: DF0AB20C3F.

Quick Backlinks offers a considerable amount of features in their service, not too much and not too little.  The following items are available on a basic search:

  • Link Info – Is your link a follow, nofollow, or down
  • Link Type – Is this an image, text, or redirect link
  • Anchor Text  – Which anchor texts are used for your links and how often
  • Deeplink Ratio – Ratio of links to deep links on your site (not home page)
  • TLD Breakdown – How many Top Level domains link to you
  • Countries – Breakdown by which hosting country links to you
  • Networks – Which IPs and Subnets link to you most
  • Strength – How strong is the link power

Here is a breakdown of their pricing which ranges from $27/month all the way to $399/month.

Quick Backlinks

Some of the features that seem like they would be useful are the following.  Bear in mind that I have not paid for this service so I am only writing about what I have learned from their videos, materials, and product tour.

  1. Competitive Landscape Analyzer
  2. Backlink Profiler (Link Value)
  3. SERP Research Tool (Find Backlink Opportunities)
  4. Common Backlinks
  5. Link Juice Thief (Mildly Interesting)
  6. Link Juice Recovery (Sounds Useful)

If you want to learn a little bit more about their tool, here is a video straight from their website which may or may not whet your appetite.

>>> Visit Link Research Tools <<<

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