SEO Attack is still somehow considered Beta but I have no idea why. It does pack a punch so it is definitely worth trying out. It is actually kind of 4 tools rolled into one:

  • Site Explore – enter a URL and see all the top pages connected to that page from the same domain, sorted by link juice.  Useful for exploring a site based on link power.
  • View Backlinks – similar to site explorer, but show all the external links from all domains pointing in to a given page.  Again these are sorted by page juice.
  • Anchor Text – browse through all the anchor text seen on links pointing to that page.  Useful to see what keywords your competition is going after.
  • Keyword Search – help to find how difficult certain keywords would be to rank for based on relative competition.  Show competing pages with link juice and try to find link opportunities with Video, News, and more.

You will probably be most interested in the ‘View Backlinks’ option to start, so I would recommend selecting that option on the drop-down box and entering your URL of choice.

Like most Internet Marketers out there, you have likely come to rely on the essential features of Yahoo Site Explorer over the years for analyzing the competition, and at times your own sites to know how you stack up against them.

As you may recall Yahoo Site Explorer had some deficiencies such as:

  1. No link juice calculation was provided
  2. Link anchor text was not available
  3. It was not possible to explore a site to view other high juice pages
  4. Site comparisons based on keyword was not possible to find opportunities

Enter SEO Attack.

>>> Visit SEO Attack Site Here

At it is possible to research your competition (or your own site) in a quick
and simple manner. Everything you need to know about your keyword targets and
your competition is now in your face and at your fingertips.

As you know, page juice is simply a way to measure a calculation of page rank along with the link juice that a page could provide which is affected by the number of outbound links presently on that page.  One pagerank 4 page with one outbound like is likely much more valuable than one pagerank 5 page with 100 outbound links.  This is the essence of page rank calculation.

SEO Attack calculates a large number of factors, including Cache Date, Social mentions, Pumper Backlinks gives a rough 0-100 score for that link.

If you don’t log in, the items that you are allowed to see are very limited so I would recommend taking about 30 seconds to go register an account so that you can see the full results.  Free accounts are allowed 10 searches a day, and a basic level of visibility on backlinks.  This is probably enough to get you started, and you can always choose to upgrade later if you like what you see.   Even the paid subscriptions are not that expensive ranging from $10/month to $100/month.

When reviewing the backlinks to a given domain, you’ll notice that a lot of the results are caculated in near-real time.  This means you’ll be waiting  a few seconds until it finishes to see the full data pertaining to a backlink.  The details that you’ll be able to see include a general rating (how strong the backlink is), anchor text, outbound links, and link properties.

The other tabs offer some interesting results as well such as Social Media: Page Rank, Delicious, Twitter, and Facebook.

SEOMOZ rank information is available and general domain backlinking information is also displayed.

I believe the data source for this tool is SEOMOZ’s Open Site Explorer, so if you like this tool you may want to check out Open Site Explorer as well.

The Anchor Text based search is useful for a different way to browse all the anchor texts are linking to your site.  This is basically a regrouping to show you the data in another format similar to the ranking that Google Webmaster Tools does with the anchor text ranking in their display.

If you feel like a gangster, maybe this is the tool for you :)

No seriously, it’s quite a tool with an attitude that is worth your time to play around with.   Thumbs up!


>>> Visit SEO Attack <<<

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