One of the best replacements for Yahoo Site Explorer is SEO SpyGlass.  SEO SpyGlass is an downloadable package that you need to install on your desktop or laptop in order to use.   It works on Windows, MacOS, and Linux!  This is probably my favorite desktop application when it comes to backlink checking.

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You can get SEO SpyGlass on its own or part of a suite which comes along with several other tools in SEO Powersuite, namely:

  • Seo SpyGlass - Finds over 100K  backlinks and helps shape your link-building strategy.  Includes reporting and data exporting features.    More information included below.
  • Rank Tracker – Has modules for keyword research and  search engine rank tracking.  Includes automated reporting capabilities.
  • Website Auditor – Helps with on page SEO and content optimization.  Given that perhaps 25% of SEO is on-page, this is a welcome addition.  Can generate sitemaps and reports.
  • Link Assistant - Helps with link management tasks such as building link directories and link partnerships.

SEO SpyGlass is like Yahoo Site Explorer on steroids.  If you liked Y! Site Explorer, then you’ll consider this a vast improvement.  It uses a variety of data sources to generate its backlink results from, including several search engines and its own data repository, so you’ll see more than just what is visible on a variety of search engines.   SEO SpyGlass have their own database for backlinks, although I don’t know how many pages or links they have indexed in total.  From my testing, the results they show are quite useful and complete.  Furthermore, for the most important task of giving you the information on backlinks, this is indeed a winner.

Sometimes videos can be helpful demonstration tools, so here is one of their more useful demo videos for SEO SpyGlass.  We can’t claim the credit for this video, but we found it to be a rather helpful resource for giving you a quick glance into how it works.

SEO SpyGlass sports the following major features:

  • Site Backlinks – Of course!
  • Link Pageranks, Link Weight, and Domain Age – shows pagerank of all links to your site and rank weighting.  This means you can also see which ones carry the highest weight.
  • Server IPs – shows the unique address of all links, so you can tell how many networks they are coming from.
  • Anchor and Title Density – ranks and sorts anchor text by title and anchor density.   Useful in telling you number of occurences of each kind.
  • Blogs, Forums, Directory, and Home Page Grouping – show the backlinks based on where they come from.
  • SEO Reports
  • Many Data Sources: 436 Search Engines!

SpyGlass Comparison to Others

The SpyGlass folks put together an interesting matrix comparing their price against Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO.  From a pricing standpoint, the figures are quite compelling in terms of cost savings if you do manage to spring for a tool that does the job very well.

More Info

SEO SpyGlass Free & Paid

There is a Free version of SEO SpyGlass that gives you up to 1000 backlinks per domain.  That gives you quite a bit considering most tools out there will not give you nearly as much data or give you as complete a picture.  If you want to extend the software beyond that, then they have a couple of paid options in SEO SpyGlass or you can upgrade from there and get the entire suite of products with SEO PowerSuite.


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The Pro version is great if you don’t need to export data, generate reports, or do any kind of report scheduling.   All in all I found the Pro version an incredible bargain compared to what some other services charge you which are monthly fees.

The best thing about it is that all the data you get is accurate and fast.   If you are searching for backlinks on your competitors, it will show you the backlinks that proved to be active for your very niche and keywords, in all major search engines including Google, Yahoo!, Bing or the Chinese Baidu.   If they worked for your competitors and they’re sure to work for you as well.

SEO becomes ever simpler with each step once you get your hands on SEO SpyGlass.   Even if trying out the Free version, it is quite a useful tool to have in your arsenal. You not only get tons of data to analyze, you also receive a detailed SEO Blueprint Report.  If you would like to see a sample of what that blueprint looks like you can visit their sample Blueprint Report page.   Unlike some other SEO services, here you can be dead-sure the info is fresh and relevant to your website because you’ll see it confirming the links as you use the tool live.

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